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About TeamIn

TeamIn was created by Harsha Rathnayake (find out more about Our Team) as a solution to a common issue experienced by countless organisations across the world: the struggle to maintain work standards through affordable outsourcing channels. From SMEs to established corporations, an over reliance on freelancers has made it difficult to control budgets in certain areas of their business.

As a premier provider of virtual employee solutions we help companies across the world to reduce outsourcing costs and maximise brand potential. We are known for the quality of the services we provide, supporting organisations of all sizes across multiple industries and sectors.

We offer a more cost effective alternative to hiring freelancers, delivering a model that can be tailored to the specifics of your business. As with the hiring of any employee for your company you remain in complete control of staff at all times, with communication made easy through use of the latest technology – with everything centralised via a managed office space in Sri Lanka.

From office administrators, personal assistants and accounting staff, to content writers and social media assistants, we provide a complete in-house staff solution for your company. You are able to manage them in exactly the same way as a physical office – the key difference being that working with TeamIn is far more cost effective, without ever seeing a drop in the high standards you expect.

How much could you save?

Our clients save up to 70% of staffing costs as our service is a fixed monthly cost compared to hiring people in the UK. On top of an annual salary the following costs are involve in staffing which you SAVE when using TeamIn;

Recruitment agency’s commissions (typically 10% - 15% of staff’s annual salary)

National Insurance and pension contributions

Office space, computers, and other equipment

Holiday pay, Sick pay and other related expenses


Employees Liability insurance and Health and Safety at your office

With team in you will get a fixed monthly cost that is pre-agreed with you and we will take care of the rest!

Features and Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of working with some of the industry’s most talented professionals in Sri Lanka, one of Asia’s fastest growing economies.

Reduce outsourcing overheads to improve the efficiency of your business. Communication is streamlined into one channel making it easier to manage external staff, while high quality work is delivered to help the growth of your business.

We provide the best possible infrastructure around your employees so they have access to all the standard amenities expected within a modern office environment that meets current international work standards. This includes spacious workstations in air conditioned spaces, computer equipment (and associated items such as headphones, webcam, telephone, printers, scanners etc.) and the latest communication technology.

Every virtual employee you hire will be solely dedicated to your business and not shared with anyone else. Supervisors are present within our offices to offer support and guidance related to their time spent in the offices and to provide our clients additional support where required. You remain in full control of workflow, deadlines and schedules and can request a change in staff any time you need.

Enjoy full data protection and confidentiality of important business information. We use the latest cyber-security technology to safeguard sensitive and critical data ensuring your company is protected at all times.

We give your business the lift it needs!

Speak to our team today to see how we can help support you

How we work

Step 1:
The Brief

Tell us more about your company and the type of support you need. We can then create a shortlist of suitable professionals for you to choose from.

Step 2:
Build Your Package

Choose between Ad Hoc, Part-Time or Full-Time packages to meet the current needs of your business.

Step 3:
Choose The Team

Handpick the professional(s) you wish to hire your business in only a few clicks, selecting based on their skills and experience.

Step 4:
Get Going

Once a start date has been arranged you can begin to communicate with your virtual staff member(s) and set tasks as and when needed.

Frequently asked questions

Many Fortune 500 companies outsource to Sri Lanka and it offers fantastic cost savings for start-ups and SMEs looking to maximise their budget, maintain control of their employees and improve the overall efficiency of their business.

TeamIn offer a range of professional business support services, providing office administrators, personal assistants, content writers, accountants, bookkeepers and social media assistants.

Staff can be contacted during working hours via Skype/Zoom (audio or video), or by phone or email. This makes it easy to keep updated about schedules and tasks, to ensure deadlines will be met.

Outsourcing to Sri Lanka is as safe as hiring an employee in your own country. You have the same levels of control over their work and activity and TeamIn ensure all staff made available to your business have been fully vetted before being made available for hire.

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in Sri Lanka and has been taught as standard in schools since the 1950s. We ensure every employee is highly-skilled and English-proficient so you never have to worry about communication issues.

Every employee you hire will work from a managed office. This means they all work closely together to ensure maximum efficiency. With communication streamlined through a single channel it makes project collaboration much easier to manage and complete.

As you would with staff in a physical office, you can keep in contact via phone, email or Skype/Zoom and track their work schedule if needed. If things are not working as you like you can speak with our HR team who can search for a replacement without causing any disruption to workflow.

It only takes four quick and easy steps to get started. Get in touch and brief us about your requirements, hand-pick the package you need, select your team and we’ll set everything up for you to get started right away.

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