Outsourcing To Reduce Costs

Outsourcing To Reduce Costs

Businesses often over rely on freelancers, and are at times caught short in needing an employee to meet a deadline, so are willing to hire someone for a high price. Outsourcing often makes it difficult for business owners to control their budgets; that’s where TeamIn can help.

Outsourcing with TeamIn instantly reduces your costs – we help companies all over the world to reduce their outsourcing employee costs, thus maximising the brand potential to help their business grow further.

Here at TeamIn we do the work for you – an easy pre-arranged fixed monthly cost will be personalised to what you want. This makes it easier to navigate how much you want your staff to take on, and ensures simplicity as this way, there aren’t several outgoings to various different individual freelancers who set their own prices.

Our clients consistently save up to 70% in staffing costs – we want to help your business grow with our friendly outsourcing team at the least possible cost to you. Using TeamIn to outsource lowers employment costs whilst still providing top-quality standards.

The outsourcing industry is growing for a reason and consistently saves money for businesses who want to continue to maximise their potential.

Saving Money By Outsourcing With TeamIn

Here are just some of the areas where you can save money by outsourcing through TeamIn:

Recruitment agency commissions

Typically these commissions are 10% – 15% of the staff’s annual salary. Without having an unnecessary recruitment agency, cuts out the unwanted costs.

National Insurance and pension contributions

As TeamIn outsources to Sri Lanka, the employee contribution to National Insurance and pension schemes isn’t a cost factor, as would otherwise be needed if you didn’t outsource.

Offices, computers and professional equipment

Our TeamIn employees already come fully-equipped in a professional office space before they start work with you. This means you have a big saving in providing the best environment and technology for your staff, because it’s already there.

Holiday pay, Sick pay and other related expenses

Outsourcing to Sri Lanka with TeamIn reduces employee expenses, and holiday/sick pay. TeamIn can handle this side of things for you, and call in replacement workers if needs be, reducing costs and stress from your business.


The ‘pay-as-you-earn’ tax doesn’t apply for outsourcing with TeamIn, saving you money with our professional, dedicated staff.

Employee Liability Insurance and Health and Safety office standards

It can quickly become expensive to ensure the Health and Safety standards in office spaces are correct, and Employee Liability Insurance charges can be high. These costs are all removed from outsourcing with TeamIn.

Add Value, Save Money

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