How We Find Your Perfect Outsourced Team

How We Find Your Perfect Outsourced Team

Round the Clock Services

TeamIn is passionate about your business and we want to help you succeed. Your newly outsourced team can provide 24/7 services to your company to help you achieve more.

We know it’s difficult to navigate time zones; with various people on different schedules it can be hard to set up meetings, respond to deadlines, and have good communication. Although our office is based in Sri Lanka, we don’t let this impact any work towards your business.

Our dedicated team can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure your business will continue to flourish.

TeamIn will always supply you and your business with the best support available. No matter the time we continue to give a great virtual service with our fully qualified, friendly employees.

Dedicated Employees

The trouble with some outsourcing suppliers is that there is no personal touch – no dedicated staff to the business. Things can get disorganised and mishandled when staff work on too many different projects across different businesses.

That’s where TeamIn differs – our employees are only onboard your business. They only work for you. We do this to ensure that all working hours are solely committed to you and your brand.

It’s exactly as it would be if there was no outsourcing involved – committed staff dedicated to advancing the company. But the great thing about outsourcing with TeamIn is the fantastic reduction in staffing costs, but with the same level of dedication and hard work to your business, as you’d expect.

Fully Equipped Office

We know how important a good work station is for professional staff. Our Sri Lankan based state-of-the-art office is well-equipped with the latest technology to provide your new employees with the best possible infrastructure to ensure a constant high-quality work ethic for your brand.

The comfortable office space has strict measures in place to securely protect all of your data with supervisors to offer support and guidance to our staff if any additional support is required. TeamIn employees enjoy full access to the comfortable and professional office with top-quality technology to provide a great virtual service for you.

Add Value, Save Money

Contact us today to see how we can help your business be more productive and save money with a dedicated outsourced team

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