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Harsha Rathnayake is an entrepreneur and automotive design engineer. He is the founder, CEO of Teamin Ltd; founder and CEO Junk Hunters; founder, CEO of Village Auto and founder and CEO of Revolucion Fitness Studios.

Harsha came to London in September 2004 to study the final year of his automotive engineering degree at Kingston University. While studying, he took on a part time job as a driver for Wasters, a rubbish removal firm.

After graduating from Kingston with a 2:2, he took an MSc and MBA in Business Administration at the University of Sunderland.

After completing his postgraduate studies in January 2009, Rathnayake took on full time employment at rubbish removal firm called Wasters. Three months later in April, his manager announced his intention to close Wasters and move to India.

In lieu of his final month’s wages, Harsha was offered the firm’s only asset – an old Ford Transit tipper truck, worth approximately £700. Despite the fact that the 3.5 tonne tipper was worth roughly £500 less than the wages, he accepted the offer.

In August 2009, with just the tipper truck and £160 of savings, Harsha began his own rubbish removal company, London Junk, in Brent, North London. He took on work clearing non-hazardous commercial and residential waste that councils would not take.

In March 2017, London Junk rebranded to become Junk Hunters. After eight years of constant growth, Junk Hunters now employs 13 people and has a fleet of 10 custom built trucks.

The business was solely based in London until May 2018. Then Junk Hunters decided to expand nationwide with its franchise model. First franchise location opened in Birmingham in July 2018. The company has plans to expand to Surrey, Slough, East Midlands, the South East, Wales and Yorkshire.

In a 2017 interview, he advised fledgling business owners: “Be clear about your motivations and be honest about your level of ambition. Don’t wait for the perfect business plan. Start now, fail, learn and try again.”

Harsha Rathnayake frequently appears in the local and regional press across Britain such as the Birmingham Post. He has also featured in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Express and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as business titles such as BQ Live , Startups.co.uk, Business Advice and I news.

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TeamIn Ratings: 5 StarTeamIn Ratings: 5 StarTeamIn Ratings: 5 StarTeamIn Ratings: 5 StarTeamIn Ratings: 5 Star
Review Quotes
Review by Manager of Junk Hunters

We have outsourced all our call centre and support teams to TeamIn and the system works brilliantly. I have a setup so we can see how many calls are coming in, how quickly they’re being answered and our customers looked after. It’s a great operation and works very well for our business.

Junk Hunters
Review by Director of Webshape Design

As a digital and web agency we have many different websites to manage and the support we get from TeamIn is great. Attention to detail is critical and we have worked with the people at TeamIn to train them to our standards. The system works very well and we can rely on TeamIn to work seamlessly with our own in-house team.

Webshape Design

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