The Advantages of Outsourcing

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an accessible option to businesses of all sizes, whether it’s handling your payroll or providing virtual reception desk duties to field incoming calls. There are a host of advantages to outsourcing tasks within your business, from improving business performance to saving on costs long-term, which we cover in more detail below.

Focus on core business practices

It’s far more efficient to spend your time focusing on areas of your business you excel at, rather than spreading yourself too thinly, which can be inefficient and affect your overall performance.

For example, if business development and marketing are your areas of expertise, then you should spend more time on those areas. Other tasks, such as customer service and finances may not be your strong point and outsourcing to specialists can save you time, money, stress and produce far better results.

Better cash flow control

By outsourcing you are converting a fixed cost (full-time salary) into a variable cost (you only pay what you need), giving you more control over your cash flow to invest in other important parts of your business.

For example, using an agency to employ a virtual assistant can prove cheaper than employing one in your office, as you don’t need to spend additional resources of salary, equipment, office space and other resources. Teamin offer customer service and bookkeeping outsourcing experts as part of a wider package that can be used to support your company.

Access top talent

Recruiting and training a new team member can be expensive and it takes time for them to learn your workflows and processes. The advantage of working with an outsourcing agency is that they can provide workers with specialist knowledge that can prove invaluable to your business, while reducing the time it takes to integrate them into your way of working.

All you have to do is set the criteria of the type of expert you want to hire, and the agency will find the right match. For example, at Teamin we offer back office support team members and live chat agents with varying levels of knowledge and expertise to suit your needs.

Build staff longevity

Employee turnover can have a negative impact on your business, costing you money to recruit and extra stress for the rest of the team as they compensate in the short term. Outsourcing can help here by taking on repetitive tasks and processes that enable full-time staff to focus their skills and energy in areas that benefit their career and your business.

It also adds a layer of consistency should a full-time employee leave you have immediate back-up ready to take over their duties without it stretching your resources too thinly. At Teamin we can even help to recruit your outsourced team on your behalf, finding potential candidates who you can then interview and hire.

Add Value, Save Money

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